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βίλα Ourania (Ref:1491)

  • Κοιμίζει έως 8
  • 3 Υπνοδωμάτια
  • 3 Μπάνια
  • WiFi
  • A/C
  • Ιδιωτική πισίνα

βίλα Ourania βρίσκεται στο Skopelos Town στο Greek νησί του Σκόπελος. Αυτό μονοκατοικία κατάλυμα διακοπών είναι κλιματιζόμενο και sleeps up to 8 άτομα (6 adults and 2 children) with 3 Υπνοδωμάτια, 3 Μπάνια μαζί με ιδιωτικός Πισίνα και Θέα στη θάλασσα.

Σαλόνι, Κουζίνα, 3 Υπνοδωμάτια, 3 Μπάνια, Ιδιωτική πισίνα και Κήπος

Το σαλόνι έχει καναπέδες, WiFi Internet και τραπεζαρία. Υπάρχουν μπαλκονόπορτες που οδηγούν στην βεράντα της πισίνας.

Η κουζίνα διαθέτει: πλήρες φούρνο, μαγειρική εστία, ψυγείο / καταψύκτη, φούρνο μικροκυμάτων, Πλυντήριο πιάτων, Πλυντήριο, μηχανή καφέ φίλτρου, φρυγανιέρα και kettle. Υπάρχει επίσης ένα μπάρμπεκιου.

βίλα Ourania has 3 air conditioned bedrooms:
Υπνοδωμάτιο 1 είναι κλιματιζόμενο με διπλό κρεβάτι. Ιδιωτικό μπάνιο.
Υπνοδωμάτιο 2 είναι κλιματιζόμενο με διπλό κρεβάτι. Ιδιωτικό μπάνιο.
Υπνοδωμάτιο 3 είναι κλιματιζόμενο με 2 μονά κρεβάτια. Ιδιωτικό μπάνιο.
Εάν χρειάζονται επιπλέον κρεβάτια υπάρχει 2 καναπέδες-κρεβάτια. βίλα Ourania μπορεί να φιλοξενήσει έως 8 άτομα.

βίλα Ourania has 3 Μπάνια:
Μπάνιο 1 είναι ένα ιδιωτικό μπάνιο με μπανιέρα. τουαλέτα.
Μπάνιο 2 είναι ένα ιδιωτικό μπάνιο με ντους. τουαλέτα.
Μπάνιο 3 είναι ένα ιδιωτικό μπάνιο με ντους. τουαλέτα.
Παρέχονται υπηρεσία καθαρισμού, πετσέτες μπάνιου και πετσέτες χεριών.

Μέγεθος Ιδιωτικής Πισίνας: 8.0m x 4.0m
Βάθος: Ρηχό Άκρο=1.1m; Βαθύ Άκρο=2.2m
Πρόσβαση στην Πισίνα: Σκάλα
Πρόσθετα Χαρακτηριστικά Πισίνας: Ξαπλώστρες

Επιπλέον Πληροφορίες
Car Essential


  • 24/7 Guest Concierge
  • Βίλα με ιδιωτική πισίνα
  • Μονοκατοικία
  • Ιδιωτικοί Σκεπαστοί Κήποι
  • Ιδιωτικός χώρος στάθμευσης εκτός δρόμου
  • Θέα στη θάλασσα
  • WiFi Internet
  • Χρηματοκιβώτιο
  • Περιλαμβάνεται Kαθαρισμός
  • Πετσέτες και σεντόνια Παρέχονται
  • Κούνια και καρεκλάκι κατόπιν αιτήματος
  • Πλυντήριο πιάτων
  • Πλυντήριο
  • A / C - Κλιματιστικό
  • Στεγνωτήρας μαλλιών
  • Δυνατότητα σιδερώματος
  • Ξαπλώστρες πισίνας
  • Mπάρμπεκιου στον κήπο

Τοποθεσία Βίλας



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βίλα Ourania Κριτικές

Συνολική Αξιολόγηση: 95/100
Αξιολόγηση διακοπών
Θα το συστήνατε στους φίλους σας;
Ημερομηνία Κριτικής: 15/10/2017 Πηγή: Homeaway

Beautiful place. Will consider for next vacation


Ημερομηνία Κριτικής: 26/9/2017 Πηγή: Homeaway

On the whole we would definitely come back to Skopelos and would stay in the same villa. We fell in love with the whole area and would recommend both the Island and your company.


Ημερομηνία Κριτικής: 19/9/2017 Πηγή: Homeaway

Having used Agni Travel as our villa letting agent on other Greek islands we had no hesitation in booking with them again. We chose the villa as we were three couples each wanting a good sized bedroom and our own bathroom each. All three bedrooms are lovely and no one felt that they had drawn the short straw however the bedroom on the ground floor is a lot smaller and is not en-suite. The bathroom that serves the ground floor bedroom has no shower which is a shame The location is lovely, looking over the harbour and town of Skopelos and only a three minute drive down to the restaurants, a twenty minute walk back up an unlit and quite steep lane but perfectly doable to avoid drink driving Villa was clean and airy and the terrace and the lovely pool area were great. The villa was well appointed and comfortable. We felt the price offered good value for money and the location was excellent. Would recommend both the letting agent and the actual villa which all met our expectations


Ημερομηνία Κριτικής: 2/9/2017 Πηγή: Homeaway

Exceeded expectations in every department. Thank you very much. A beautiful villa in a lovely location. Excellent views of Skopelos Town the port and the sea beyond. The island is very special perfect for us mostly very quiet. Stunning scenery and beautiful crystal clear waters.
No it exceeded expectations. My husband was sure the palm trees around the pool must be fake but they were indeed real


Ημερομηνία Κριτικής: 17/8/2017 Πηγή: Homeaway

Everything was up to our standards, we enjoyed the property.


Ημερομηνία Κριτικής: 29/7/2017 Πηγή: Homeaway

We enjoyed the house, the surroundings, and Skopelos island very much. The house was very good/practical for a family with three teenagers. The pool was particularly good when the temperature was all the time during our stay appr. + 30 C. The house (due to the hill) was located so that fresh sea wind came up there making it very comfortable even when the temp. was more than + 30. We could recommend to hire a car although distances are not long. Carrying food by walking from the nearest supermarket was rather tough in the hot temperature (especially the last hill up!) Furthermore, having a rented car made it much easier to visit other villages and sights around the island, in particular Agios Ioannis (Mamma mia cliff & chapel); there you cannot go without a car. The local bus leaves you 2,7 km away and the rest of the way is a serpentine road high up close to the steep ravines and the sea. We also rented a motor boat from Elios harbor (west cost of Skopelos) and drove around the island from Elios, going round the northernmost point (a beautiful lighthouse to see) and even down to Agios Ioannis. In this way we were able to visit extraordinary beautiful beaches without roads going there. Really worth of doing when you have some experience with boats!


Ημερομηνία Κριτικής: 29/5/2017 Πηγή: Homeaway

Lovely villa and we had a lovely holiday.


Ημερομηνία Κριτικής: 24/9/2016 Πηγή: Homeaway

Perfect for our family holiday with great views of Skopelos town. I loved all the surrounding olive trees and my granddaughters loved the swimming pool. Would definitely recommend it.


Ημερομηνία Κριτικής: 1/9/2016 Πηγή: Homeaway

Wonderful holidays excellent house beautiful island very good service from Agni Travel. It was the first time we rented a house through your company and we are very satisfied we would definitely recommend Agni Travel and Villa Ourania.
Everything was very clear and accurate. Very good job in the description of how to get to the property taking into account that the streets have no names (if we didn't get lost nobody will).


Ημερομηνία Κριτικής: 23/7/2016 Πηγή: Homeaway

The Villa exceeded all expectations. We had a wonderful time on the Island of Skopelos as well as in the beautiful Villa. I would recommend it to everybody. Thank you for making sure that everything worked especially the teenagers with the WiFi Appreciate that it was clean and beautiful. I cant help but rave about this place beautiful Villa island and people.


Ημερομηνία Κριτικής: 7/3/2015 Πηγή: Homeaway

Very, very good.


Ημερομηνία Κριτικής: 21/9/2014 Πηγή: Homeaway

Delightful location, very good view of the town.


Ημερομηνία Κριτικής: 30/8/2014 Πηγή: Homeaway

Lovely holiday, the island was clean and the view from the house was beautiful and the pool clean and fantastic.


Ημερομηνία Κριτικής: 7/3/2014 Πηγή: Homeaway

Thank you very much for your efforts and service.
Description was very accurate although I would change the pictures because the location is more beautiful than the quality of photos.


βίλα Ourania, Skopelos

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